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Some of the classic Spanish products


Extra Virgin olive oil from Castilla La Mancha

Protected by the surrounding hills with the old windmills on top and under the bright summer sun, some of the best olive oils of Spain are being produced in La Mancha, with a tradition reaching back almost 3000 years into the past.

The main type of olives used in our olive oils are Cornicabra, Arbequina, and Piqual.

About 90% of all harvested olives are turned into oil, while 10% are used as table olives.



Olives are of great agricultural importance in the Mediterranean region as a source of olive oil, which is one of the main ingredients in Mediterranean cuisine. Hundreds of varieties of olive trees are known. Olives can be used primarily for oil, food, or both.

Through our partner L’OLIVATERIA we can offer carefully selected organic olive varieties from our own land in Alicante. Manzanilla Olive is another variety from Seville in southern Spain. Our partner Manazanilla Olive offers the best quality organic manzanilla olives.


Canned Vegetables

In Navarra, some of the best artichokes, asparagus and peppers of the “piquillo” variety are being harvested and processed from small traditional family businesses. We`re proud to offer these special products directly.



Paprika Los Novios, a unique ground red Pepper: a fine powder of intense, vibrant red with a strong aroma and a sweet flavour, characteristic of the best Murcian Peppers.

About us

The taste of Spain at your home

The story behind OLEyCo:

It all began in 2020 when Rosa was living in Austria. She missed the delicious flavours of her native Spain. She and Thomas searched Austria for Spanish produce, without success. This prompted them to import quality organic olive oil from Spain, followed quickly by preserved vegetables.

Our idea grew to include the delicious spices used to prepare traditional Spanish meals, along with creative recipes to inspire our customers.

We prefer to work with small family businesses. We find that their expertise, acquired over generations, results in organic produce of the highest quality.
We invite you to experience OLEyCo and the delicious flavours of Spain!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have.

Best wishes,
Rosa & Thomas

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About us


Which olive oil to buy: "Extra" and "Virgin"


Our recipes, not only Tapas

Spanish omelette, fried fish or salads.
Spanish olive oil is the base of every meal.

Traditional Spanish Breakfast
Traditional Spanish Breakfast

The traditional Spanish breakfast differs from area to area, but one of the most popular… Read moreRead moreTraditional Spanish Breakfast

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Excepcional quality

Olive oil is exceptional. The soups are wonderful, nothing to do with what I used to buy and at a very good price.

Dorli Celotti
Dorli Celotti
Addicted to olive oil!

I have bought some canned goods: artichokes, asparagus, olives. They had told me about the naturalness of its flavor, but it seemed incredible to me. I'm going to be addicted!

Viktoria Sleoin
Viktoria Sleoin
I can't stop!

olives of 3 different varieties, extra virgin olive oil, this website has been a discovery and it is not going to be only one order

Gerhard Maschler
Gerhard Maschler
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