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Fried Tomatos


Fried Tomatoes

Content: tomatoes (77%), onions (14%), sunflower oil (5%), sugar, salt, green pepper, garlic, and spices






Among our Spanish gourmet products, Navarra’s tasteful; Exquisite Products need to be mentioned.

Navarra’s central area could be thought of as a transition area between the highlands in the north and the Ribera in the south. However, this definition falls short because the mountain foothills, valleys, and slopes, the dry and irrigated areas, all produce different landscapes.

The central area marks the area where the white asparagus of Navarre and the famous “Piquillo Peppers” grow.

White asparagus is known for its color, its delicate taste, and its low proportion of fibers. This makes it a selected specialty. Our asparagus is available in cans and jars. It is also worth adding good olive oil to the asparagus to enhance the taste experience.

The Piquillo-Paprika is named after its characteristic tip (Pico) and is another special feature of the Navarre vegetable gardens, which are harvested from September to December. The delicate texture of this paprikas, along with the fact that it is traditionally roasted on a wood fire and then peeled by hand without water, is the key to its special taste.

In the south of Navarra lies La Ribera, crossed by the river Ebro, an area of wide plains, low sierras, and rivers bordered by extensive water meadows. While agriculture has traditionally been the main priority in La Ribera, today an innovative food industry multiplies the scope of products. La Ribera is synonymous with the high-quality standard of its vegetable gardens. Special products are the Tudela artichokes, “Blanca De Navarra” which have a mild special bitter-sweet taste.

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